Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Whether you want to work solo and make your own business decisions or even start your own company? Everyone wants to be their own boss, where its you who set your own hours and work accordingly, when and whereever you want to. All your time and energy could be devoted to something that you are passionate about, and also benefiting your clients directly.

Our courses at florence fennel, drives and motivates our students to open the possibilities to start their own business. We are for those who aim to grow their own small business.
Some careers are friendlier to that entrepreneurial spirit than others. If the opportunity to eventually run your own business is important to you, then you need to start your career with the right education.

We tackle practical challenges you will face and provide lots of useful information. We know because we have created our own successful small business, and crafted this course to teach you what we've learned from our hands on experience.

Our courses are for those who want to start and grow their own small business. These courses are not for anyone who needs to raise millions of dollars in the capital before their business can start. These are for the for the businesses that can start small and eventually grow with time. Come join us and turn your passion into your career.