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Service Offerings

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, RPO

What we can do for you?

We make the recruitment process simple, more efficient and cost effective, by offering a range of outsourcing services. Whether you adopt one or all, we give your process scalability, higher quality and flexibility at much lower cost.

We take responsibility for the entire operation on a project. Our highly experienced recruiters are hard at work for you. Once they are immersed in your company’s philosophies, your recruiting goals become theirs. From primary candidate contact all the way to negotiating with a new hire, our recruiters offer vital support to hiring managers and HR business partners. With our recruiters dealing with the details, hiring managers have the time to focus on their business.

Our recruiters equipped with access to major resume databases, job sites and powerful resume sourcing software to locate passive candidates. Our recruiters have access to most of the databases, which lower your cost of hiring process. RPO will cost you a fraction of what is spent on internal recruitment.

RPO services we provide:

  • CV Database Searching
  • CV Screening
  • Head Hunt Research
  • Job Posting
  • Vacancy Monitoring CV Processing

CV Database Searching

Searching CV Databases and Internal Databases are vital functions within the Candidate Generation process. That allows you to focus on the 20% of the candidates that make up 80% of your placements.

Your Benefits
  • Reach a significantly large audience of candidates
  • Provides for an efficient electronic transmission and collection of data used in the recruitment process.

Optimise your Recruiting

Around-the-clock utilisation of database subscriptions for maximised return on expenditure experts at Florence fennel Informatica improved 24x7 resume database search results increase speed and candidate yield. Your recruiting department grows without increasing head count.

CV Screening

Are your recruiters wasting valuable time contacting candidates who are no longer available? Not interested? Not suitable? Or simply not contactable? Or you are faced with the situation where you had advertised on the job boards or your corporate website and are now flooded with resumes? Also you are not sure about the screening criteria to follow in this case – having too stringent criteria can lead to elimination of good candidates from the potential pool whereas having too lenient criteria can result in an unnecessarily large pool with too many unqualified candidates.

If so, Florence fennel Informatica screening and validation services are the solution you need which also helps you to save a lot of your core recruitment time. We can help you screen the resumes you receive in response to your job ads. You just need to give us your job specifications, criteria, must have skills and other parameters. We will carefully sift through all the resumes and screen for the best resumes as per your specifications and present you those who match very close to your requirements. Acting as another layer in the virtual funnel, our screening solution delivers the most qualified and interested candidates into the hands of your recruitment team.

How does it work?
  • We contact potential candidates by email and/or telephone
  • Contacts candidates from 7:30am to 10:00pm 7 days a week
  • Uses customised scripts with specific screening questions
  • Undertakes detailed telephone assessments and skills validation
  • Co-ordinates technical tests & behavioral profiling

Your Benefits
  • Increase sourcing productivity by only focusing on interested and qualified candidates
  • Have more time to build deeper relationships with quality candidates Increase candidate
  • yield by contacting a high number of candidates in a shorter time
  • Reduce time-to-fill by speedily contacting a high number of candidates in a shorter time

Head Hunt Research

As highly focused, specialist internet researchers, we are masters at utilising the internet to compile valuable head-hunting information for recruiters worldwide.

You just need to name the position and we will give you the right name/candidate at the right time. Our head hunters have lot of expertise and are masters in this domain, who know to be on the prowl all the time with their quest for the best.

By outsourcing this crucial phase of your talent search process to us you are at an advantage. Our extensive search leads to an extremely cost effective solution for your hiring process while maximizing both quality and customer satisfaction.

Job Posting

Florence fennel Informatica visions to remain ahead in talent pool recognition and delivering the best in recruitment industry at the right time. We immensely strive to ensure that we are aware of all the best places to post advertisements for positions, this know how gives our clients the ability to harness most from their Job Posting and gives them the opportunity to provide you with the most reliable job posting services in order to help you in saving your valuable time and improve productivity.

does it work?

You provide us with all the basic information, job title, geographic location, skills required, job type, job reference number and description.

We post your job requirements manually on job boards where you have subscribed or free job boards and user groups, and your corporate website where ever you specify.

Hence, you can save a lot of your valuable time and can focus on more important things by outsourcing the job posting service to us.

Our researchers are specially trained to craft candidate-orientated advertisements out of job specifications. Also they constantly review the performance in order to get the optimum applicant response throughout.

Vacancy Monitoring

Wondering as to how to know about new clients with new vacancies, specific to your niche market, the day they become live?

Welcome to our corporate vacancy monitoring.

Our vacancy monitoring solution is offered exclusively to only one recruitment company per niche or specialist market. We provide you with a list of vacancies matching your specialist industry sector. By providing details of “who's looking for what” coupled with invaluable contact details we can assist you in Business Development.

CV Processing

Posting jobs on boards is an important and widely used means of sourcing relevant CVs. However placing advertisements, managing responses, qualifying CVs and updating them on your software consume precious time and energy. When sourced to Cogent, this process becomes simple. A dedicated team of processors work on your assignments to ensure that all vacancies are promptly advertised, responses monitored, all candidate profiles received are dealt with as per your selection criteria and prompt responses are sent out. Email your vacancies to us and we take care of the rest.

We can process CVs received by e-mail and post etc. and convert this data into the electronic format most convenient for you to ensure the most effective “key word” search accuracy. Once converted, we will transmit the data for uploading on to your Recruitment system.

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