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Project Re-Engineering

Florencefennel Informatica provides tool based and manual re-engineering of existing software, which involves knowledge mining and extraction of business rules. The re-engineering can be combined with migration from one hardware platform and technology to another. We can also convert non-GUI applications to GUI based applications, as well as two-tier architecture to three-tier architecture.

Why Project Re- Engineering through Florence Fennel Informatica

  • Florence Fennel Informatica’s comprehensive product re- engineering capabilities include a high-tech designing structure, development, modification and renovation in the product process.
  • A steady and effective product system ensures flexibility for any eventuality in project design and structure.
  • Repeated testing is carried out for consistent and quality output in business services and product development.
  • A merging of multi-layered product engineering expertise and a competitive environment facilitates the provision of Standard Product Engineering Services (SPES) globally.
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