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Project Management

Florence Fennel Informatica is an expertised outsourced services and solutions provider with position center on product engineering, application engineering, and quality assurance. Our potential to offer widespread services transversely to assorted industry segment, across varied technologies, and sensitivity towards offshoring makes us a clear winner.

Florence Fennel Informatica understands Software Development as the transformation of its customer requirement or marketing objective keen on a software product. The Software Development Division of Florence Fennel Informatica covers the processes of software commerce joint very deeply with proper research and defining of goals of software marketing to build up computer software products. It can be complicated to segregate whether engineering or marketing is more accountable for the achievement or breakdown of a software product to suit customer prospect. Florence Fennel Informatica understands the significance to appreciate both processes and to ensure alliance flanked by both engineering and marketing in the total software development course. Engineering and marketing concerns are evenhanded in the role of a project manager that may or may not use that title.

Product Development

At Florence Fennel Informatica, the Product Development Division defines & establishes the complete life cycle of commencing a new product or service customized to Client’s requirement.
We pursue two analogous paths in the Product Development Process:
  • One involves the idea generation, product design, and detail engineering;
  • The other involves market research and marketing analysis.

We understand new product development as the first stage in generating and commercializing new products within the overall premeditated process of product life cycle management used to maintain or grow their market share.

Florence Fennel Informatica caters a separate division on software outsourcing and offshore development segment offering specialized & customized product development and product re- engineering services to enterprises. Bringing the specific bottom-line benefits of Offshore Outsourcing with its renowned proficiency in Software Product Development as well as Product Re-engineering, we transport supreme value for your organization. Florence Fennel Informatica partners with software product companies varying from start- ups to established Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to offer software products life cycle solutions. We target software product companies in all the domains especially- E- Learning, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Banking and Finance.

Project Management

  • A strong mechanism of project plan activities and valuation process ensures immaculate execution of projects.
  • An unremitting progress of the project performance is maintained through adequate scheduling and a keen eye on supervision
  • Judicious utilization of resources is facilitated by Florence Fennel Informatica’s project services covering aspects like project objectives, expenditure and timelines systematically.

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