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Service Offerings

Financial and Accounting Outsourcing Solutions

Florence Fennel provides clients with a total Financial and Accounting Outsourcing solutions.
  • Human Resources
  • General Accounting
  • PF Trust & Return
  • Regional PF Commissioner (RPFC)
  • Superannuation
  • Gratuity
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payables
  • Tax Returns
  • Reconciliation
  • Billing Services
  • Transactions Processing
  • Miscellaneous Repetitive Transactions

PF Outsourcing

Primary Benefits of Setting of a PF Trust
  • Easy Loan Facility
  • Settlement of Account
  • Easy Transfer of PF New Employees
  • Better Services
  • Better Employee Satisfaction
  • Minimum Cost to the Company
  • Automatic Transfer of Old Contributions to the Trust

Regional PF Commissioner (RPFC)
  • Filing of necessary papers and obtaining PF Number.
  • Deposition of PF
  • Claim Settlements
  • Contribution Withdrawals
  • Receipt of form from new appointees and sending the same to their concerned authorities for getting the fund transferred.
  • Sending reminders on a regular basis until the transfers are affected.
  • Receipt and despatch of settlement forms with the RPFC.
  • Maintenance of statutory register.
  • Preparation of Annual return.
  • Liaison with the RPFC

Monthly Cash Flow
  • After getting approval:
    - Preparation of projected cash flows of the year with a monthly break up.
    - Collection of quotation for investment as and when required.
    - Getting approval from the trustees on monthly investments, settlements and withdrawals.
  • After getting approval from Trustees, coordinating with the concerned broker and ensuring that timely investments are made.
  • Getting investment certificate/getting investments deposited in the SGL account and keeping an updated record for special deposit in the form of updated passbook.
  • Follow up on interest receivable before due date.
  • Filing of Form 15H for non-deduction of TDS.
  • Obtaining TDS Certificate in the Form of 15AA

PF Administration

  • Preparation of monthly provident fund return.
  • Preparation of accounts and maintenance of statutory register.
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statement.
  • Filing claims for left employees for gratuity trust with LIC for gratuity recovery and remitting the account received by the trust to the company.

  • Preparation of Minutes Book for meetings of Board of Trustee.
  • Brief on trustees on investments and earnings on a quarterly basis.
  • Preparation of balance sheets.
  • Preparation and despatch of provident fund slips
  • Preparation of FPF returns
  • Submission of balance sheet in the provident fund Commissioner’s office.
  • Filing of Income Tax returns.
  • Filing of TDS returns
  • Deposit premium in case of gratuity and superannuation trust.

TDS Outsourcing

Employee TDS
  • Taking declarations.
  • Updation of declaration on a monthly basis.
  • Deposit of TDS after compilation.
  • Deposit of quarterly return.
  • Issue of Form 16.
  • Checking Investment proofs.
  • Interaction with employees.

Vendor TDS
  • Checking bills of vendors
  • Calculation of TDS
  • Reconciliation of TDS payable account with deposit
  • Generation and sending certificates monthly in Form 16A
  • Deposit of quarterly returns
  • Maintenance of TDS Certificate details and despatch

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