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Financial Accounting Software

Accounts Module

  • Coded/Codeless versions
  • Multiple Cash/Bank/Journal/Petty Cash Books
  • Multiple Debit/Credit entries through same voucher
  • Single/Multiple Cost Center entries through same voucher
  • Bill-wise/on account adjustment of sundry debtors/creditors
  • Automatic TDS calculation facility at voucher entry level
  • Single/Multiple/Incremental/Transactional interest calculations
  • Simultaneous Cash-Contra entry automatically generated
  • Bank Pass Book updation and Bank Reconciliation statement
  • TDS certificate and Annual Return Form for TDS
  • Group/Sub-group-wise Trial Balance for any period
  • Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss A/c as per Sch. VI of Companies Act 1956
  • Manufacturing Account, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, Fixed Assets Schedule with depreciation calculations
  • Cost center-wise Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash/Fund flow statements
  • Ageing analysis of sundry debtors/creditors
  • Ratio Analysis and Budgeted analysis
  • Monthly analysis of all account heads
  • Accounts Confirmation Letters in customized/normal format
  • Statistics/Audit trail/Mail merge/FAS editor for writing letters
  • Audit Report on Receipt/Payments/Sales/Purchases exceeding user defined limits
  • Data Zooming facility from Trial Balance/Balance Sheet to Vouchers and facility to modify vouchers
  • Graphical representation of any ledger account
  • Narration searching facility/Missing document searching
  • Over 100 comprehensive methods of reporting and querying data for your specific requirement

Sales Module

  • Single Bill against multiple challans/orders with on-line bill printing
  • Service Bills not linked with inventory
  • Sales Tax register for tracking Sales Tax/Declaration Form due
  • Challans/Bills can be made separately/simultaneously
  • Sales order/Sales Return/Cash Memo sales
  • Product-wise and Analysis name-wise Sales Register
  • Proforma Invoice, Invoice and Packing list for exporters
  • Customized Bill/Challan/Cash Memo/Order printing
  • User defined fields for storing extra sales information

Purchase Module

  • Purchase Order handling
  • Calculation of Purchase Tax on unregistered purchase
  • Flexible allocation of purchase bills
  • Item-wise percentage analysis of purchase
  • Item-wise purchase register
  • Pending bill report against Goods Receipt notes
  • Sundry creditor tracking
  • Reports to track purchases/orders/goods not received, etc.
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Consolidated Purchase Register

Inventory Module

  • Dual Unit of measurement with auto conversion
  • Detailed Description facility
  • Facility for item description/item rate change on bills
  • Excise/Modvat reports/Gate-pass for manufacturers/dealers
  • Facility to handle by-products during production
  • Cost-center-wise production/consumption reports
  • Batch-wise Inventory control
  • Provision for adjustment of stock
  • Inter-branch transfer of stock
  • Graphical representation of production data
  • Zooming data for product-wise inventory
  • Ageing analysis of stock in hand
  • Closing stock valuation using Rated/Weighted/FIFO methods
  • Stock movement register

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