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Contractual/ Temporary Staffing:

What is “Temp”?

A “temp” is a transitory member of staff with an organization who is on a third-party (staffing company) payroll. An accepted practice in multi- national companies globally, many big Indian entities are currently recruiting a section or category of their personnel from Manpower Staffing Concerns. As organizations concentrate on their expertised industry advantage at highly competitive edge, the non-core functions are outsourced. The personnel for the same functioning is sourced by the Staffing Concerns. The Service Level Agreement may vary from three to eleven months, and there are no issues usually being allied with hiring and retaining manpower resources.

Temping is a co-employment association amid a Client Corporation, Temping Concern and the Personnel:
  • The Temp Concern and the Client Corporation signs a Contract;
  • The Personnel and the Temp Concern already have an service Association;
  • The Personnel offers employment at the Client’s end.
The affiliation between the Client and the temping company is absorbed in a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The CSA develops a three- party collaboration like business partnership having the Temping Company play as the employer of the temporary personnel who is employed at the client’s site. By rules, in accordance of CSA, the temping company perceives accountability for the Human Resource management & conformity for most service allied government policy, where the client retains the personnel’s employment in its trade and maintains the role of a direct employer for various other purposes as per time & Client’s demand.

With steady rise in the degree of operation, Florence Fennel Informatica aspires to be a competent resource partner providing staffing solutions – ensuring entities to capture flexible and permanent mandates in order to improve performance, quality and cooperating with the organization to lessen employment allied threat. One of our separate sections also offers temporary staffing solutions to clients (also including entities, academic institutions, NGOs, etc. Florence Fennel Informatica maintains a long- term & short term goals developing a co-employment association considering complete accountability for Human Resource, Adminstration & Legal standards whole staff on the offered project.

Florence Fennel Informatica functions on two frameworks for the Temp Staffing division - Temping and Payrolling.

Temping: Identifying and Hiring mandates in accordance to client’s specifications, consequently maintaining the personnel’s HR, Admin and Regulatory Compliance.

Payrolling: Transitioning pre- defined personnel of the client against Florence Fennel Informatica rolls and again maintaining the HR, admin and Regulatory compliance.

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